Tuesday, December 6, 2011

♥Lovely, natural homemade coconut oil soaps only $2.63 each!♥

I'm loving this deal!  Simply cleansing is offering their hand made, natural, coconut oil, soaps for only $3 each!  These bars do not dry out your skin, rather the opposite, plus they are fairly large too.  I have gotten some from them in the past, and LOVE them.    Right now, they are offering a promotion of buy 7 get one free, making them only $2.63 each!  Plus, it is only $5 for flat rate shipping! What a beautiful gift idea!  If someone gave me these, they would have a friend for life whether they wanted one or not ;-).  My favorite was the "Peppermint" soap, which tingles just a little, and soothes achy muscles.  Come back and let me know which ones you get! 

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