Wednesday, December 7, 2011

UPDATE!! Sears Outlet: FREE Apparel Every Tuesday through the end of this month!

UPDATE: More Great news!  Sears Outlet on Corronade Drive in Perrysburg (all Sears outlet stores that carry apparel) will allow you to get more than one free apparel item as long as you can give them phone numbers to separate accounts.  A couple of weeks ago, I asked Sears Outlet if they were allowing people to bring in more than one card as long as they were for different cardholders, and they told me that was perfectly fine, but that I wouldn't need the cards, just phone numbers to the members.  My Mom and Mother in Law told me I could use their Shop Your Way Rewards Card, and I was able to get 3 free clothing items!  You have to check out Sears Outlet on Tuesdays! 

Great news!  Our Perrysburg Sears Outlet is offering up one free apparel item every Tuesday through the end of this year!  There are only a little over 1,300 Sears Outlet locations nationwide that carry apparel.   To take advantage of this awesome promotion, you must have your Shop your way Rewards card, or click  Here to sign up for one--it's free!  You don't even have to have your card in hand.  They will look up your phone number to access it!  

Sears Outlet is also offering up to $15 in free credit in store when you are approved for a  Sears credit card.  The $15 will come off of your first statement. 

I must confess I have already rearranged our shopping trips because of the Free Apparel Tuesdays.  As a bonus, we can hit the Giant Eagle, which is right down the road to take advantage of their coupon doubling up to .99!

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