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♥ Sweet Avon deals starting at only .69! !

 Wow, check out these awesome Avon deals!  Remember to get FREE SHIPPING on any, no matter how low, purchase enter coupon code REPFLYER or FIRSTREP, or if your order is over $30, enter coupon code FS30REP!!  Go HERE to view my Personal Avon Website!!  Don't forget that you can go through Shopathome to get a whopping 8% cash back! 

These Holiday hand creams are almost completely sold out, but you can still snag the "silicone glove" hand cream for only .69 each shipped (when you use the above shipping codes)

These Naturals Vanilla Roll-on Deodorants are only .79  each shipped!
 These Fall Harvest lip balms are almost sold out as well.  They are .79 each, and are still available in "Sweet Almond"  and "Candy Corn". 

This Foot works Exfoliating Foot scrub in Watermelon is only $1.49 down from $5.00! 

 Avon Kids Bath Paints only $1.49 each!! 
Avon Lip Radiance in Adoring Coral only $1.99!

Avon Nail Cuticle Pusher only $1.99

Avon Nail Experts Vitamin C Cuticle Gel only $1.99

Avon Naturals Mini Body sprays only $1.99 each!

Avon In Bloom by Reese Witherspoon Body Lotion $2.99 down from $15.00!!

Head on over here to view  Avon's complete outlet section. 

Calling all Cucumber Melon fans!  This amazing 5-piece set is only $9.99!  This is what it includes:
1-Cucumber Melon Bubble Delight Bubble Bath
Let yourself relax in refreshing bubbles scented with crisp cucumber and sweet melon. Mild and gentle. Dermatologically tested. 24 fl. oz. An $8 value.

1-NATURALS Cucumber Melon Body Lotion
The natural solution for skin that craves moisture. Practically weightless, the nongreasy, hydrating lotion, infused with natural plant extracts, gets an added boost from apricot kernel oil, known to nourish all skin types. Dermatologist tested. 8.4 fl. oz. A $7 value.

1-NATURALS Cucumber Melon Body Spray
Leaves skin cool, refreshed and lightly scented. 8.4 fl. oz. A $9 value.

2 NATURALS Cucumber Melon Shower Gels
Moisturize your skin while cleansing your entire body. Less drying than soap, and infused with natural extracts, it's a soothing way to cleanse and hydrate skin. Each, 5 fl. oz. Each, A $6 value.

 Strawberry and Guava 5 piece set only $9.99, a $32 value, includes:
1 NATURALS Strawberry & Guava Body Lotion
Lightweight, absorbs quickly for all-day moisture. 8.4 fl. oz. A $7 value.

1 NATURALS Strawberry & Guava Body Spray
Lightly fragranced with a cool, crisp scent. 8.4 fl. oz. A $9 value.

2 NATURALS Strawberry & Guava Shower Gels
Gently cleanses, leaving skin feeling refreshed. Each, 5 fl. oz. A $12 value.

1 Strawberry Bath Pouf
PVC, 4 1/2" diam. A $4 value.

Avon Bubble Bath is only $4.99 each for a 24 fluid ounce bottle!  Check out the following uses for Avon Bubble bath:
 31 Uses for Avon Bubble bath!
1. Use as a hand soap
2. Cleans bathroom tub tile
3. Cleans fiberglass tubs & showers (keeps them smooth and clean)
4. Laundry Detergent:  Use one capful on regular loads, 2 capfuls if washing greasy work clothes
5. Carpet Cleaning:  Add 2 capfuls to large carpet shampoo machines.
6. Bath gel
7. Face cleanser
8. Use instead of Woolite for hand washables
9.Upholstery Cleaner:  Use 1 capful for a 24 oz spray bottle filled with water.  Scrub with brush against nap.  Let dry.  Vacuum and allow it to dry.
10. Cleans chrome
11: Kitchen/Bathroom floor:  Add 1 capful to 2 gallons of water to mop floors.  Add 1/2 capfuls extra for very soiled floors.
12: Toilet Bowl and Tanks:  Add a capful to tank occasionally to help reduce build up.
13: Windshield Washer Solvent:  Use when freezing temperatures are not a threat.  1 1/2 capfuls per gallon.
14: Mildew Remover:  1 capful to 24 oz. water.  Cleans boat seats, bathtubs, showers, wall, etc.
15: Sink-dishwashing Soap:  Your dishes will sparkle as well as your coffee pot, glasses and cook-wear.
16 Pre-treatment for Laundry: Mix 1/2 bubble bath and 1/2 water in a spray bottle.  Spritz stains before tossing in the wash. Set in stains? Dab on full strength, scrub stain with an old toothbrush, then wash.
17:   Pet Shampoo: As safe for pets as it is for kids – use Sensitive Skin or For Kids’ bubble bath which does not include soap, so not as drying as traditional pet shampoos. It is also much less irritating on your dog's sensitive skin.
18: Cage & Pet Paraphernalia Cleaner: Small pets & large will be glad not to have harsh chemicals.
19: Toddlers’ Toys:  Have toddlers give toys a weekly bath with For Kids’ bubble bath.
20: Stuffed Animals: Surface wash with Avon Bubble Bath as per upholstery cleaning directions.
21:   Sick room odors & Stains: Use Peach full strength. Use as per upholstery cleaning on mattresses.
22: Great for ring around the collar.
23: Window Cleaner. 1/2 cap in a bucket of water washes all your windows.
24: Wash walls and ceilings.
25: Wash your plant leaves, they will shine. Then pour into soil as a fertilizer.
26: Clean your jewellery - even costume jewellery.
27: Wash paneling - no rinsing, no streaks.
28:   Clean your eyeglasses.
29:  Put some bubble bath and a bit of water in your potpourri burner
30:   Clean your painted or real wood cupboards
31: A luxurious bubble bath that leaves no bathtub ring!

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